Feather Hill Anaheim Hills


Feather Hill is a small planned neighborhood within Anaheim Hills that includes 60 homes. The majority of homes are up on a hill on Canyon Rim road. Some of the homes border the Walnut Canyon Reservoir and others even border the Anaheim Hills Golf Course.

Feather Hill is a very safe neighborhood filled with beautiful homes. Many of the homes have a great view of the city or surrounding cities. There are plenty of schools, shops, restaurants, and entertainment to be found in the area. A few examples can be had below.


Canyon Rim Elementary - Canyon Rim Elementary is just up the street from the Feather Hill neighborhood.

Canyon High School - A short drive to the High School.

Santiago Canyon College - "SCC" as it's known is the closest college to Feather Hill. It's only about a 10 minute drive.


Thai Spice - Thai Food restaurant just down the street. Great food and service!


Hiking Trails - Several hiking trails nearby.

Walnut Canyon Reservoir - Reservoir is right there at Feather Hill, making it a selling point for many of the homes. Joggers, Dog Walkers, Bikers all love this place.


Festival Shopping Center - The Festival Shopping Center is the closest shopping center to Feather Hill.