3 Appraisal Tips for Orange County Homeowners

Are you an Orange County homeowner that's looking to sell or refinance your home? Be sure to check out these appraisal tips that could be increasing your homes appraisal value. Currently (2012) Orange County home and condo appraisals are hit with extremely lower value than what they should be, the numbers say that this happens with 35% of all Orange County appraisals.

Changes to the business of an appraising happens quick. More and more often these days an appraiser can end up working in an unfamiliar area leaving more possibility of the appraiser coming in too low or too high with values. This is where you, the homebuyer, come in and do your part to help the appraiser. Any support you can give an appraiser is appreciated and you could be ending up helping yourself in the end by doing so.

1. First tip for the Orange County homeowner for the appraisal is to have your home neat and tidy. Turn those "green" energy saving lights on and be sure your furry friends are out in the backyard or at the dog park when the appraiser comes around to take a look. You don't want "Fido" treading dirt through the home while it's being looked at by a professional. First tip is easy enough right? Let's go on to tip number 2.

2. Have your Orange County Real Estate agent supply you with recent sales figures and even more helpful would be copies of a previous appraisal. You may not have an old appraisal handy but if you've got a truly good realtor, one that knows what they're doing they can easily provide you with recent sales figures. Tip 2 you can have your agent do for you! Next up -- tip 3!

3. Our final appraisal tip includes lawful California home safety requirements. Make sure that your water heater is strapped in and that you have a CMD (Carbon Monoxide Detector) and a Smoke Detector/Alarm. Your real estate agent should be able to point out these laws to you and how you can meet these requirements. Easy how-to text and video are provided for the installation of carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms all over the internet.

These are just 3 quick and easy tips that can really save you a bundle. I hope that this was informative and that you can use it before you sell your Orange County home or condo. Always ask your realtor for tips before having your property professionally appraised!