he Mills Act of 1972 encourages home and business owners in the city of Anaheim, California,to preserve and maintain their historic buildings. When the preservation and maintenance is completed, passing inspection by county tax assessors, their property is assessed at a lower tax rate. Although the Mills Act has seen many revisions since 1972, it holds 262 agreements as of 2011 with the first signed agreement taking place in 1998.

Senator James Mills developed the Mills Act in 1971 and the State Board of Equalization found it unconstitutional. However, after further review and the development of additional strategies, it was reenacted in 1972. Over the following years, revisions and amendments were put in place, strengthening it to meet guidelines of the State Office of Preservation and State, the United States Secretary of Interior's Standards and the Historical Building Code. Anaheims first agreement was signed in 1998 and the property became part of the Anaheim Colony Historical District homes.

After passing inspection each property owner receives a bronze plaque measuring 10 x 7 inches. The plaque is placed on their front of the home or business for the public to view. The sign states the year when the property was built, its location, and that it is designated as a significant historical site listed under Mills Act Program.

Anaheim currently has listings available for both Mills Act homes and homes that are Mills Act eligible. Currently a home located on 422 South Bush Street is waiting for a new owner. It is in need of renovation and TLC, and has the ability to be listed as a Anaheim Colony home. With 6 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths, this home has many lovely architectural features including original built ins in the main living area, large sunny windows, hardwood floors, and a large kitchen loaded with cupboards. The asking price has been lowered recently to $399,000.

Another home, located on 804 West Broadway, is currently for sale. It also has 6 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. There are maid quarters with 1 bedroom located in the main house and a pool house in back with 1 bedroom. Formerly a B&B, this home has been renovated with upgrades in the kitchen, bathrooms and living room. The asking price is $728,000. This home is an Anaheim Colony Home.

Preservation and maintenance of historical buildings in Orange County, California, is encouraged. The Mills Act of 1972 continues to offer tax payers lower property assessments as a way of encouraging them to renovate their homes and businesses. The City of Anaheim, California, has awarded 262 Mills Acts agreements to property owners as of the year 2011.