Brea Foreclosures

Out of 116 current Brea homes for sale 9 of them are foreclosures. That's actually a good number compared to surrounding cities in the Orange County area. As you can see from the chart Brea foreclosures have been at a steady number throughout the past couple of months with an average between 8-10 foreclosures on the Orange County real estate market at any given time.

The average price of a Brea foreclosure is currently at $427,000 - a great affordable price for any community in this Orange County city. Click on this link to search the newest Brea foreclosures. If you're looking for all Brea homes for sale then click here. Call us for any additional information you need regarding anything Orange County real estate related at (714) 469-8198.

Our current favorite Brea foreclosures hand-picked by one of our Brea realtors here at Re/Max NOC:

2748 STEARNS Street , Brea

1507 KINSLER Court , Brea

825 SUNGROVE Place , Brea