Coachella 2012 Line Up has been announced! (Scroll to bottom to see Coachella 2012 Line Up)

Now that the bands have been unveiled for the Coachella line up it's time to start doing some planning. One of the most important aspects of planning your trip to the Coachella Music & Arts Festival is finding a place to stay.

Camping options at the festival are always said to be a great addition to the experience that Coachella has to offer. Although camping in 100+ degree weather doesn't sound appealing to everyone. Sharing limited showers with tons of other campers for 3 days can also lead many to re-think the camping experience.

Other options include hotels and staying in homes or condos. The majority of Coachella goers vow that the best way to go is staying in a home. Prices are decent but factoring in that you'll have more than just yourself to split the cost with of the place will even out to a great deal.

Air conditioner, TV, beds, kitchen; do these seem like something you may need/want the weekend of Coachella. Partying for 3 days straight can be exhausting and a home/condo are perfect places to stay in order to regain your health/energy inbetween the music-filled days of the festival. For renting a home or condo for the month, week, or just week(end) I can suggest looking at craigslist for listings but be quick and don't wait because there will no WHERE to stay if you wait til the last minute.

Buying a home or condo in Coachella is of course another option. The great thing about buying Coachella real estate is that's extremely affordable. They make for great vacation homes and will see their value increase after some years. Owning property in Coachella is great during the weekend of the annual Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals, being able to rent our your place without a doubt and for more than the average amount you would during the rest of the year (while still being cheap for the renters).

To search for homes and condos available in the Coachella area check out our Coachella homes for sale page.

And to all of you going to the festival: Good luck on finding places to stay in Coachella. You'll have a great time at the festival and in Coachella Valley!

2012 Coachella Line Up is below:

Coachella Line Up Small