CSU Fullerton is Breaking Records in 2012!

The university expects an enrollment of more than 37,500 this fall, but the exact number will not be known until the campus takes a census later in September. However, the university expects the incoming class of 2016 to eclipse 2007’s Fall enrollment record of 37,130 .  Despite the larger-than-usual fall enrollment, CSUF turned away around 6,000 eligible students.  They are trying to reduce the large pool of community college students who look to transfer to 4 year universities.

 As a result, not only does the number of incoming Fullerton students continue to rise, the incoming students’ grade point averages have improved as well. New students are also demonstrating a marked interest in science majors. 

 The school has introduced two new degree programs in response to developing workforce needs in the surrounding region. An online master’s degree in environmental engineering and a doctorate of nursing practice have been added this fall. To keep pace with workforce needs of the region, the university is introducing an online master's degree in environmental engineering and doctor of nursing practice too.


CSUF is Orange County’s largest University.