Crime Mapping

When searching for a home you may be and should be curious about the crime rate in the homes surrounding area. is a great website that I highly recommend for doing this. Select a location and Crime Mapping will give you all reported crimes within a 2 mile radius. Zoom in on a select crime and you'll be given information such as the type of crime, date of the crime, and even time of the crime!

Realtors are always talking about location, location, location and crime is one of the aspects that not everyone takes into consideration when hearing this. Next time you go to check out a home think of the location and the crime rate, low crime = high price and high crime = low price.

We at Re/Max NOC like to let our clients take a look at this website anytime they are curious as to the crime rate in the city that they are potentially looking to move to.

Related: If you'd also like to check up on sex offenders in the area Crime Reports is a great place to check. Beware! This site may scare you as registered sex offenders are everywhere!

To get full details specifically for Fullerton you'll want to go to Fullerton's City Page. Below we have the crime map of the 2nd Quarter of 2012 for Fullerton. Click on the image to see it in more detail.

Fullerton Crime Map Thumb