December 6th I took a trip to the Angel stadium in Anaheim to be a part of the Gift of History event that takes place during the holiday season each year. As I arrived to the front of the stadium I was surrounded by students, teachers, and even marines. Gunnery Sergeant Ray based out of Camp Pendleton informed us that the marines would have their humvees on display for the children.

As I got inside Angel stadium I was surrounded by 10,000 students! Last year the event made a record by having 15,000 students. The event was extremely festive and included an appearance by Mickey Mouse, Wing Lam (Wahoo's Fish Taco owner), and several others. At the end of the event an Orange County history book titled "Nothing Rhymes with Orange" was given to the 3rd grade attendees.

Look out for the event next year as it plans to continue to grow with more and more young students learning the history of the place they call home.