Linda Hayward Helps Young Heart Transplant Recipient and Family to find a Home

A couple weeks ago we received a phone call at our office at RE/MAX NOC from a family in search of a home to lease. We take these calls everyday but this one in particular was special. The family needed to find a home as quick as possible as the newborn, Dravyn, was to be the youngest in 26 years at Mattel's UCLA Hospital to have a heart transplant at 3 weeks old. Linda was excited to get the chance to help the family.

The task to quickly find a home for the family would prove, like the heart transplant, to be difficult. Real estate agent and doctor are hardly the same profession but the statistics were against both Linda and the surgeons at UCLA in regards to time frames. Doctors initially warned that a new heart wouldn't be available for up to 6 months, they got one in two days. Upon the news of a new heart, a new life and a new home with special medical equipment needed to be set up for Dravyn's family. The current Days on Market for a lease in Orange County is 25 days but Linda was able to find a place for the family in approximately 10 days, the lease being on the market well under the average of 25 days. After having the door shut on the family plenty of times before contacting Linda and after several offers and inquiries in to other agents from Linda that were met with no response they were able to feel some relief.

As nerve-racking as the process was for the family they were an absolute pleasure to work with. Linda Hayward and RE/MAX NOC are extremely proud to have helped out such a wonderful family. Dravyn, with his new strawberry-sized heart is now at his new home with his family.