Do you have a bee issue at your house or workplace in Orange County? Look no further than John, The OC Bee Guy. There's a few different places that will help by exterminating the bees but John safely removes the bees from the property and does it at a much better price than other places we got quotes from. We were really happy to have gotten a hold of him for our issue. Check out our video and personal story below:


John, the OC Bee Guy helps to safely remove and transport 4,000 bees from a Fullerton home. RE/MAX NOC was listing the Orange County home and upon inspection of the backyard, a swarm of bees was found. The hive was located between the wall and shed in the backyard of the home. Bill Sylvis at RE/MAX was the listing agent and was in charge of taking care of the bee issue. He wanted to make sure that the bees were safely transported and not exterminated but this service isn't easy to find (at least for a decent price - the first estimate was at $1,100). Bill found The OC Bee Guy, who charged a quarter of the price than the first company he contacted. The process that took place at the home was so interesting that we wanted to get it on video and share with others that may be dealing with the same thing or just interested in bees in general. John makes some soothing smoke for the bees with a honey/pine needle combo. The bees are sedated by the smoke and then vacuumed up and placed in a bee box which John tells us harms 0% of the bees. 

RE/MAX NOC would like to thank John for safely removing the bees and for participating in the video.


To contact John (The OC Bee Guy):

Phone: (714) 306-9190


To contact Bill Sylvis (RE/MAX):

Phone: (714) 225-1751