Fullerton rental homes are in high demand. Cal State University Fullerton, Fullerton College and Troy High School are just a few of the excellent educational institutions Fullerton has to offer creating such a high rental market in Fullerton. Cal State Fullerton enrolled 37,130 students and rated the #1 High School in Orange County according to the Orange County REgister in 2010. These facts have swayed investors to buy up Fullerton foreclosure and short sale properties, along with low interest rates and market them for rental properties. According to Zillow the housing market in Fullerton is almost an equal split with 58.8% being homeowners and 46.2% being renters. It's no wonder the average rent in Fullerton is $2,100 for a 3 bedroom house.

Credit Score

Check your FICO Score! Your FICO score is your Credit Bureau Score and is one of the most important things landlords consider. A FICO score that is 600 or lower is usually a cause for concern. A FICO score in the 650-700 range is good but most landlords prefer a FICO score of 725 or greater. Some landlords are showing more concern about an applicants credit defaults, total monthly debts and a percentage of renters total income along with how long they have been employed. If your FICO score isn't great write a letter of hardship explaining your situation. Maybe you got laid off and couldn't keep up with your payments so you had to short sale your house. Whatever your reasons put it in writing, it works!

Pet Friendly Rentals

The best approach for renters that have pets is a well written letter about your beloved "Fluffy" or "Fido". Describing his/her character and habits but make sure you include a picture, the cutest one you have and any certificates or dimplomas they may have earned; showing how well-mannered and behaved they are.

Student Renters

Student renters are a big challenge. Usually a parent will have to cosign a lease in order for them to get accepted. Finding 2 or 3 other students to rent a place with can make things easier. One of the challenges that student renters face is that there's no overnight street parking in Fullerton. Whatever your case we can provide the help you need in order to get in a rental that you'll be comfortable with during your attendance at the college.

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