Orange County, California is one of the most populated and desirable counties to live in in the country. The current population is over 3 million and continues to rise despite recent reports that many people are leaving California. The diversity, public attractions, and quality of life that Orange County provides is what keeps the population rising and it's current residents to settle.

The Economy

Like every other county across the country Orange County felt the brutal impact of the hit to the US economy. Orange County Real Estate home values have dropped and unfortunately many families have lost homes due to foreclosures. Many jobs were cut but the numbers are now back on the rise along with the slowly rising Orange County housing market.

Real Estate

Within Orange County real estate, the decreased home values made it a buyers market and helped prospective homeowners as well as investors. Deals could be found where short sales were had and the Orange County Real Estate market was and still is made up by a large percentage of these short sales. Fortunately for homeowners facing a foreclosure situation there are new short sale incentive programs offered by lenders. These lenders are offering cash incentives of up to $30,000 to do short sales.


So where are all the people going after they do a short sale or have their home foreclosed on? They're staying in Orange County or surrounding areas. Why? The quality of life. Once living in Orange County they feel comfortable, happy, satisfied and can't imagine living anywhere else in the world! There are plenty of cities within Orange County that are affordable for absolutely everyone. Low income, bad credit, or first time homeowner? There are programs that will help you!

Why Orange County?

Attractions are the main draw for visitors. The most popular attraction in Orange County is Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth. Knotts Berry Farm and Mission San Juan Capistrano are also big attractions within the county. Whether it be the beaches, theme parks, shopping centers, historical landmarks, or nature centers there's always something to do in Orange County.

Many often have the misconception that Orange County residents are all snobby and rich. This could not be futher from the truth. There are very wealthy communities within Orange County but they do not make up the majority of the county. Wealthy communities do not translate into stuck up snobs, now of course there are exceptions (in every location across the world). Most of the people within the more wealthy communities don't purchase their home to flaunt their money, but to feel more secure (For example: A gated-community may make a homeowner feel more safe from intruders.). The face that you can raise kids/start a family anywhere in Orange County makes it one of the safest places to live for it's large population. The diversity in Orange County makes it a wonderful place to live and if the attractions are what bring people in then it's the people and their attitudes that make them stay.