Linda Hayward is a very passionate real estate agent here at Re/Max North Orange County and aside from the fact that she loves to find people a home or condo she also loves to find the perfect place for pets to live. As a leasing expert here in Orange County Linda manages phone calls from all different kinds of people coming from all different kinds of living situations. One of the more popular questions she receives on a daily basis when it comes to leases is if the home or condo allows pets.

Linda being a pet lover herself will always attempt to get her client (both pet and human) a chance to get their ideal home or condo. Regardless of the statement "No Pets Allowed!" Linda believes it doesn't hurt to at least ask and on more than one occassion has had a landlord/homeowner re-consider the statement. Linda is truly an Orange County pet friendly real estate agent.

Please contact Linda about anything regarding leases, pets, a pet deposit or real estate here: (714) 920-9198.