Re/Max North Orange County Proudly Has Korean Speaking Agents

As more Koreans are welcomed to North Orange County, the Re/Max NOC is proud to announce they have agents who are fluent in the language. Re/Max understands that it is difficult, for a foreign speaker, to find a rental unit, or a home to purchase, when they cannot speak in the native tongue; therefore, the problem has been solved with the addition of these professional Korean speaking agents.

Re/Max NOC is ready to help you through each step of the rental or purchasing process. We are proud that we can offer you a "one-stop" shop, simply by visiting our website. Here you will be able to enter some basic information, press enter, and it will take you to the available houses available in the area of your choice. If you are looking for a rental you will indicate the number of bedrooms you need, the location, the price, and a few other basic facts. You will then be able to visit the properties, online, along with pictures. This can save you a great deal of time during your hunt for the perfect rental as it eliminates those you are certain you do not wish to see. When you have selected those of interest to you, you can then contact your Korean speaking agent who will be happy to assist you. The same is what you can expect if you are looking for a home to purchase. You follow the same procedure and then contact your agent.

If your native language is Korean, and you wish to work with a Korean-speaking agent, Re/Max NOC will be happy to assist you with any and all of your needs. Aside from renting or buying a home, the agent will also be delighted to receive your listing when you are ready to sell your home. It is our goal to quickly sell your home at the highest possible dollar amount. One call and you will receive a free, market value report of your home. Once listed, your agent will then place your home on the MLS where it can easily be found.

If you are in need of financial services, Re/Max will be happy to assist you with your lending needs. They will help to pre-qualify you, if you are going to purchase a home, and this can be done in ten minutes. Re/Max also is happy to offer our professional, knowledgeable escrow officers who can help you with all of your escrow needs. These services can also be offered to you, if needed, with your agent who can do any necessary translation.

Re/Max NOC is a full-service, one-stop Realtor ready to meet any and all of your needs. Our friendly Korean speaking agents will assist you with your rental or purchasing needs. They will also be equally happy to help you with the sell of your home. Their services also include meeting your lending and escrow needs.