Buena Park Ranch Style Homes: The Classic American Dream There is nothing that says classic America quite like a ranch-style home. The style, most recognized by its single story, long profile, and simple design was invented in America in the 1920s and boomed post-war especially in western states like California. In recent times, the style has come to represent the classic family home with open floor plans and no-fuss design that offers the ideal place for a family to live and interact.

It should be no surprise that since what we know as the American Ranch or Western Ranch style homes drew their inspiration from Spanish Colonial styles, that the city of Buena Park would have a deep Spanish history. The area now known as Buena Park was originally a large cattle and dairy ranch. The township was founded by grocer James Whitaker and it soon grew into a huge dairy town with a large train depot. The deep cattle and dairy ranch roots have grown into the large ranch style home developments that we see today.

Those drawn to the family-friendly classic design of a ranch style home will love the city of Buena Park. The location of Buena Park gives residents the feel of a tight knit small town, but also offers access to modern amenities and a quick trip to the epicenter of Los Angeles attractions and businesses. Buena Park residents get to experience the unique combination of quiet neighborhood living with big city advantages.

Buena Park residents can also regularly enjoy the popular attractions in Buena Park’s famous E-Zone, or Entertainment Zone, include Knott’s Berry Farm, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, Knott’s Soak City U.S.A. and Pirates Diner Adventure. The attractions aren’t just for tourists and can offer endless hours of family fun.

There is a large selection of reasonably priced ranch style homes in Buena Park currently for sale. The open layouts and large windows typical of the ranch style can greatly increase the appearance of size in a ranch style home giving you the most bang for your buck. The uncomplicated style and reasonable prices ensure you can truly customize the ranch style home into a perfect version of the dream home for you and your family.