Short Term Rentals Banned


Yesterday the City Council met, voted, and placed a ban on all Short-Term Rentals (STRs). The meeting was 5 1/2 hours long, debated whether to impose greater regulations on STRs or ban them altogether, and had several members of the community voice their opinion at City Hall.

More than 150 people in favor of the ban on STRs gathered and chanted "What do we want? A ban! When do we want it? Now!", "Si Se Puede!" (This can be seen in our video below). Others held up signs that read "Homes Not Hotels" and "Neighborhoods! Not Motels!". It was clear that there's been an on-going battle with strong supporters of the ban and the owners of 363 permitted STRs. This was a very big, important meeting for the city and it's residents.

The meeting brought up the negative impact that many new, successful companies such as Airbnb and HomeAway have had on residents in neighborhoods where the STRs are set up. The feeling that these rentals have turned their neighborhoods into businesses, motels, and party locations has left a lot of them upset and angry. Anaheim isn't the first city to tackle the issue. Major cities around the world are dealing with the same problem and their have been bans and meetings in Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, New York, and several others.

The other side of the debate claimed that the short-term rentals were actually good for neighborhoods and the city, driving up home prices via home upgrades and bringing in revenue from tourists. Many use the short-term rentals as an extra source of income and others as their sole business. Money for the residents, the city, and themselves sounded like a win, win, win for those in favor of the improved regulations as opposed to the full ban but win, win, win is not what they did on Wednesday night as the council imposed the ban.

The final ruling was a complete ban on all Short-Term Rentals from the city of Anaheim and to have current permits phased out in 18 months (originally was to be 3 years).