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Tips for Anaheim Rental Housing

Tips for Anaheim Rental Housing.  Anaheim Rentals have been increasing for the last 24 months.  With more foreclosures and short sales on the market, many previous homeowners are looking for a rental home.  This has made the Anaheim rental market to become much more competitive than it ever has been in the past.  Renting a Anaheim rental home is no longer a status stigma.  Many people who are in transition are opting to rent while they wait….Whether they are waiting to see what the housing market is going to do or waiting to fix their credit scores…today you can rent a beautiful house almost anywhere.  Many investors in Anaheim have been purchasing properties, taking advantage of low interest rates and foreclosures, and turning them into Anaheim rentals. The average Anheim rental is $2,100 for a 3bedroom 2 bath home that’s 1400 square feet. The price per square foot run around $1.30 to $1.40 on smaller homes built in the 50’s.   Here are some things to consider before you rent/lease a house in Anaheim.

Fico Score

The first thing most landlords look at is your FICO Score.  Your FICO score is your Credit Bureau Score. Generally landlords are more concerned if they see a FICO score that is 600 or lower. They like to see the best FICO score as possible, 650 – 700 is generally considered a good range. Anything above 725 is even better.  Although in this economy it behooves most landlords to be more concerned about an applicant’s credit defaults, total monthly debs as percentage of renter’s total income and how long they have been employed.  They may even consider what field their employment is in whether it is a stable field or not.

With so many Americans having been foreclosed on and others having to short sale their home chances are they don’t have the best FICO.  Renters may want to hire a professional credit repair company, but this is usually a lengthy process that most people don’t have time for.  They can also offer to pay more monthly, which will sometimes work depending on the landlord. I have found to be the most effective is a heartfelt, well written letter of explanation. Maybe you feel behind on payments due to a spouse’s illness and had to stop paying bills only to have to short sale your home. Or you were laid off and had to accept a lower level of income, also resulting in a short sale.  Maybe you’ve just recently divorced and your former spouse had not been paying bills unbeknownst to you creating credit issues.  Whatever the reasons may be put your hardship in writing, so the landlord can hopefully make a connection with you.  I have seen this work numerous times when a renter has explained their situation giving the landlord some insight into their circumstances.

What’s Your Criteria?

Take an honest inventory of what your needs are.  What are the must haves that you can’t live without.  Do you need a WOW! house to entertain your friends or a place that accepts pets?  Maybe you need a single story house that has an attached garage or it needs to be in walking distance from local schools; as well as what your budget is.  It’s important to know all of these different things before you start your search.  This will help you narrow down your target areas.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay?

How much can you expect to pay for an Anaheim rental? Nice single family homes in will be at least $2,200 and up.  After evaluating your needs and deciding on a budget, how do you know if you are paying too much for that perfect rental you have your eye on?  Zillow has a great tool called Rent Zestimate you can use to compare and contrast rental listings and find the average rent range.  According to Zillow, Orange County’s average rentals are $2,000 a month.  You can also find the average rental price for any city in at Rent List Price.

Neighborhood Crime Activity Reports

There are numerous sites you can find crime reports on.  But the one I found to be easy to use is  Just enter the address or city you would like to check on and it will show you on a map all the incidents in that area. It’s always a good idea to talk to some of the neighbors near the house you are considering renting.


Finding a Anaheim rental property when you have a pet can often be a challenge.  The most effective approach I have seen is a well written letter about your beloved Fluffy or Fido describing its character and habits but the main thing is to include a picture, the cutest one you have.  The saying “picture says a thousand words” could not be more true in these situations.


Check Neighborhood Schools Ranking

One requirement many renters may have is to live in a good school district.  Zillow can also help you find a schools ranking and other useful information such as demographics, pupil to teacher ratio and much more.  You can even compare with different schools in the same district at Local Info.Schools