Orange County is a beautiful area in California. There are several cities located in this area that are worthy of being called the best places to live in the world. In the OC, you can find great beaches, amazing homes and be conveniently located to several amenities. Here are the top 10 cities to live in Orange County.

1. Irvine
Not only has Irvine been named one of the safest cities, but also thanks to a strong sense of community, the city has been able to maintain a high standard of living. In the city of Irvine, residents can enjoy great neighborhoods, a variety of business and career opportunities along with high rated schools.

2. Newport Beach
The city of Newport Beach as a lively business community along with a variety of outdoor water sports that everyone can enjoy.

3. Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach is one of the top beach cities located in Orange County. In this city, both residents and visitors can enjoy the beaches, warm weather, community events and nice environment. Huntington Beach is home to two of the most visited beaches in California.

4. Laguna Hills
Laguna Hills is filled with history, great shopping and amazing places to live.

5. Orange
The city of Orange provides a very old town feel and stands out from other cities. The residents of the community are very close knit. A major stand out feature of Orange is the community activities, which includes park concerts, street fairs and car shows.

6. Buena Park
Buena Park is a tourist hotspot with many attractions that both residents and visitors can enjoy.

7. Yorba Linda
Yorba Linda is an equestrian city that significantly stands out from other OC cities. There are over 100 miles of horse trails in the city.

8. La Habra
The city of La Habra is a great place to live for those looking for quiet residential neighborhoods. Highlights of the city include a children’s museum and a tennis center.

9. Fullerton
Fullerton, which is one of the largest cities in Orange County, is an amazing city with an extremely high standard of living. The city is full of history and a strong sense of community that is rare this day in age.

10. Costa Mesa
The city of Costa Mesa is thriving in terms of business. Costa Mesa is a great city in Orange County that has a lot to offer.

Overall, the cities previously listed are the top places to live in Orange County. They all have a lot to offer and are very safe places to live.