Orange County has a rich history and also takes good pride in preserving it. A huge part of it's history is preserved in the form of architecture, in the (now) vintage homes that are constantly in high demand by those intrigued by the past.

Throughout Orange County there are a few cities in particular that are in the top tier of preserving and providing special antique properties. In the coming week we will reveal each one of these top cities one at a time, one for each day. Each blog post will include historical information about the cities and neighborhoods that these homes are in as well as detailed photographs.

#1 Fullerton

The first Orange County city we'll be taking a look at is Fullerton. Fullerton has plenty of homes and buildings that were constructed in the early 1900's and even prior that are still around. Residential homes in this early period were done in many styles but the most popular were Craftsman style bungalows and the Mission revival style. The luxurious homes of the early 20th century were Tudor Revival, Neoclassical Revival, and cottage styles and can still garner high prices from the wealthy. The mid-century vintage homes can be found in Spanish colonial style and ranch style. Some streets where these homes can be found: Brookdale, Jacaranda, Richman, and Valleyview. Communities where these homes can be found are Downtown Fullerton, Raymond Hills, and Golden Hill.

Vintage Home #1

Vintage Home #2

Vintage Home #3

Vintage Home #4

Vintage Home #5

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