Villa Rockledge is a historic home in Laguna Beach that sits on an ocean-side cliff where better views can not be had. The home was built from 1918-1923 by well-known developer Frank Miller. The home definitely has a Disney movie vibe to it, looking more like a hybrid of a castle and a mission-style home than the modern mansions that line the ocean in Laguna Beach. The home includes 6 villas, a private beach, and 9,000 sqft of living space. The beauty of Villa Rockledge can clearly be seen inside and out.

While the beauty of the Villa Rockledge home is rivaled by few, if any other properties in the beach-front area it's got another side to it, a beast side, that is overlooked while viewing the home from a strictly physical standpoint. Most of what makes up this property as a beast is it's past. Many negative online reviews of Villa Rockledge can be found with a quick Google search. OC Weekly, Yelp, and Wedding Wire are just a few websites that cover the unflattering aspects that the home posseses or has possesed during it's long history.

Villa Rockledge Yelp


Imagine trying to rent out the home or holding events with these types of reviews scoured over the internet. There's also the salt-water pool at the bottom of the home that "used to be". It's strange to name a feature of the home that no longer exists. OCWeekly asks the question and then answers it themselves "Do you want to live in a relic of the past? Of course not!". There's also no question that the financial responsibilty of the home could prove to be an issue down the line.

Check out the awesome video below to decide on your own whether you think Villa Rockledge is more Beauty or more Beast.
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Villa Rockledge
2529 Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Auction by Premiere Estates Auction Company