Why are people still relocating to Irvine?  Is it the old standard location, location, location?  The fact that it’s situated on a 66 square mile planned community that sits perfectly in the middle of Orange County; just fifteen minutes from South Orange County with it’s beautiful beaches and fifteen minutes from North Orange County.  Or could it be that Irvine continually wins numerous accolades every year as well as being recognized for its diversity, above average median income and for having low violent crime rates.   If you thought it’s because of the last reason mentioned you would be correct.  Irvine is in the 6% percentile for violent crime in California; making it the safest large city (population over 100,000) in Orange County with a population of 271,193. According to a recent article in Parenting O.C. for a city to be a best family-friendly city there’s a trifecta that a city must have.  Most families want to know what the crime is like, how much housing is and what the academic performance of its educational institutions are.  Without fail Irvine meets all three requirements with a crime rate of 1.34,  the cost of median housing $603,594.00 and an average API Score of 921;  it's easy to see why Irvine is again the best family-friendly city in Orange County.