East Lake Village Real Estate When looking for a great place to live in Southern California, all people should consider the community of Yorba Linda, CA.  Yorba Linda is a beautiful community that is well located, being just northwest of Anaheim, CA, and only about a twenty minute drive into downtown LA.  People that live in Yorba Linda will find that there are plenty of recreational options within the city, but all of the other amenities of Southern California are also well within a short drive.

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While the city of Yorba Linda has several top tier communities to live in, one of the premier communities in the city is the East Lake Village Community.  The community is a large community, which provides far more amenities than other communities in the area.  The entire community is located on an enormous 850 acre site, which first went under development in the late 1970s and was completed in 2005.  Today, the community has over 2,240 different homes, and is the home to over 4,000 residents.
The types of East Lake Village homes vary widely, which can help to meet anyone’s needs in a home.  All of the homes in East Lake Village are single family residences, each of which have a unique design and style, which helps to add to the community’s style and charm.  The single family homes range from about 1,500 square feet in size to over 3,000.  The price point is also pretty wide as some homes have sold for $700,000 or less while others sell for well over $1 million.  People that are looking for a less permanent housing option can often find homes to rent for an affordable price.  

While the homes in the community are beautiful, the main draw the community is the amenities.  The entire community is situated around a large 15 acre lake, which is ideal for people that enjoy a relaxing time on the water.  Beyond the lake, there are several other popular amenities within the community.  The community clubhouse has several different swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and a fitness center. 

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