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Fullerton is a vibrant city with a rich history. It's one of the most popular cities in the county to rent a home! So what do you need to know before beginning the process?  We sat down with Linda Hayward, the Orange County leasing expert and had her give us 5 of the most valuable tips for those looking to rent a home in the city of Fullerton. 

1. The most important thing you need when renting a home in Fullerton is verifiable income. You need to provide information to the landlord that shows you have the ability to pay the rent.

Bank Statement


2. Showing a good rental history. Good references are important. If a landlord knows you've had a good record of renting they will be more likely to accept you as a tenant.

3. Fico Score - Contrary to popular belief, your Fico Score/Credit Score will not be the MOST imporant factor when renting a home in Fullerton.  Everyone has credit challenges. That being said, 650 is a decent number for your score.




4. Pets - Pets are always a big issue when renting a home. Submitting information on your pet along with a photo is a great way to introduce them to the landlord. A pet deposit of about $400 is an average price.




5. The last tip, actually more important than the first, is to call the leasing expert Linda Hayward. She will help with any additional questions on leasing a home in the city of Fullerton and if you own a home in Fullerton that you're looking to lease out she can help with that too.



Linda Hayward

Linda Hayward

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